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This consultancy, established in 2015, is built on foundation of knowledge and experience that has been developing since 2001. This was the year when company founder, Christina Miller, was in graduate school for jewelry and metalsmithing and decided to examine the connection between the materials used to make jewelry and their complex histories. The jewelry industry clearly needed information about gold, silver, platinum, copper, diamonds, gemstones and more in order to address complex on the ground issues impacting people and the planet.

The “ethical jewelry movement” is now well underway with most companies aware that they need to know where their materials come from. Knowledge of origin does not mean that the source is good for people and planet. Knowing the origin does help us make future sourcing decisions while more on the ground engagement makes a difference.

Christina Tatiana Miller sustainable jewelry consulting serves its clients by building a variety of custom designed to meet the specific needs of each company. Consistent throughout is the goal to activate clients to do something impactful. Yes, run a responsible company, but be part of on the ground solutions.

 Christina T. Miller - portrait Photo credit:  Jeremy Kramer Photography

Christina T. Miller - portrait
Photo credit: Jeremy Kramer Photography


Christina Tatiana Miller is a sustainable jewelry consultant providing strategy, guidance, and impact measurement to help jewelers make lives better around the world.

Miller focuses her work on companies large and small in the jewelry and fashion industries, educational programs and artists looking to be leaders in positive social and environmental action. She is also a professional speaker, workshop leader, community organizer, project manager, mentor, change maker and artist.

In 2018 Miller was awarded the WJA Carelle Grant for her work to help jewelers make a difference.

In 2004 she co-founded Ethical Metalsmiths (EM) and went on to lead the non-profit organization in various capacities for 11 years.
Notable activities during her tenure include:

  • Co-designing and launching Radical Jewelry Makeover

  • Organizing the first ever multi-jeweler Fairmined gold purchase in the US. Through a partnership between Ethical Metalsmiths and precious metals refiner, Hoover & Strong, Fairmined gold is now readily available to jewelers internationally.

  • Convening the organization’s first Board of Directors

In July of 2015, Miller stepped down as executive director of EM and currently chairs the Advisory Council.  

From 2006 – 2010 Christina was the Assistant Professor of Jewelry and Metalsmithing at Millersville University, where she won an award for her civic leadership due to her work with Ethical Metalsmiths. At Millersville she transformed the jewelry and metals curriculum to include responsible sourcing and entrepreneurship.

Through hands on experience and a penchant for research Christina has expert knowledge in curriculum development and teaching, creating and launching programs, and project management for non-profit organizations, institutions and corporations.  She has been a guest lecturer at Massachusetts College of Art, Virginia Commonwealth University, Millersville University, Pratt Institute, Queensland College of Art (Australia), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia), Bard College, Winthrop University, Santa Fe Community College and Miami University of Ohio.

On a personal note, Christina is a wife, a mother, an artist, a gardener and an active community member. She is committed to learning and applying research to lead strategic projects designed to improve environmental and social situations on the ground. She is naturally curious and thoughtful and takes time to understand problems and concepts before exploring creative solutions. Her training as an artist has made her resilient to challenges, driven by concept, highly adaptable and always striving to contribute to a thriving society and a healthy planet.